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Alykes Alykanas Amoudi
Amboula Agios Sostis Argassi
Akrotiri Kalamaki Keri
Kipseli Laganas Lithakia
Psarou Porto Koukla Skinari
Tragaki Tsilivi Vasilikos
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Nicoletta Studios - Tsilivi
Nicoletta Studios - Tsilivi Zacinto
The Nicoletta Studios are situated in the center of the well known Tsilivi tourist area, just 250 meters...
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Villaggio Studios & Apartments - Vassilikos
Villaggio Studios & Apartments - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
Located in Vassilikos is where you will find this wonderfully friendly family run studios and apartments. Set in...
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Litsa Studios - Tsilivi
Litsa Studios - Tsilivi Zacinto
Welcome to the Litsa Studios with its many years experience operating comfortable clean accommodation. These family run apartments and...
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Villa Levante - Vassilikos
Villa Levante - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
Villa Levante is located in the relaxing, scenic area of Xirokastelo on the lush green peninsula of Vassilikos....
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Yiannis Studios - Tsilivi
Yiannis Studios - Tsilivi Zacinto
The modern "Yiannis" Studios and apartments are situated on the outskirts of the lively resort of Tsilivi. The complex...
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Casa Due House - Vassilikos
Casa Due House - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
Casa Due is an attractive house in a very quiet and beautiful area, on the south coast of...
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Villa Katerina - Vassilikos
Villa Katerina - Vassilikos Zacinto
Villa Katerina is located on the South East coast of Zakynthos in the area of Porto Roma, one...
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Mavrias Village - Tsilivi
Mavrias Village - Tsilivi Zacinto Grecia
The Mavrias Village apartments are located in the centre of the famous summer resort, Tsilivi, in peaceful private...
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Villa Kapnisi - Vassilikos
Villa Kapnisi - Vassilikos Zacinto
Villa Kapnisi is located on the tip of the Vassilikos peninsula on the southeast coast of Zakynthos and...
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Levantino Studios - Vassilikos
Levantino Studios - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
The Levantino complex is located on the beautiful scenic peninsula of Vassilikos, in an area known as Xirokastelo,...
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Blue House Apartments - Vassilikos
Blue House Apartments - Vassilikos Zacinto
The Blue House apartments are located on the peninsula of Vassilikos which is a natural beauty spot where...
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Georgia 2 Studios and Apartments - Tsilivi
Georgia 2 Studios and Apartments - Tsilivi Zacinto Grecia
Georgia 2 consists of clean modern studios and apartments located in a central position in the bustling, lively...
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Villa Kouros - Vassilikos
Villa Kouros - Vassilikos Zacinto
Villa Kouros is located in the enchanting area of Vassilikos which is renowned for having the best beaches...
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Villa Joanna - Vassilikos
Villa Joanna - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
Villa Joanna is located on the hills in the scenic countryside area of Vassilikos, overlooking the beautiful clear...
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Trenta Nove Studios - Tsilivi
Trenta Nove Studios - Tsilivi Zacinto
These family run apartments are clean and modern and located just 50m from Tsilivi beach and 10m from...
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Andreas Studios-Apts - Alykes
Andreas Studios-Apts - Alykes Zacinto Grecia
Andreas Studios are located close to the beach in a sought after area between the two resorts of...
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Kavos Psarou Studios & Apartments - Psarou
Kavos Psarou Studios & Apartments - Psarou Zacinto
Located in the tranquil, unspoilt resort of Psarou, near Amoudi is where you will find Kavos Psarou studios,...
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Tzanetos studios - Laganas
Tzanetos studios - Laganas Zacinto Grecia
The Tzanetos Studios are centrally located in the lively resort of Laganas close to all amenities and facilities...
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Oniro Studios - Tsilivi
Oniro Studios - Tsilivi Zacinto
Oniro Studios are a family run accommodation situated in a secluded location in Tragaki on the outskirts of...
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Plessas Studios - Tsilivi
Plessas Studios - Tsilivi Zacinto Grecia
A warm and friendly Zakynthian welcome awaits you at the Plessas Studios, situated in a peaceful and beautiful...
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Fiore Studios - Vassilikos
Fiore Studios - Vassilikos Zacinto
Zante Fiore Studios are located in the pretty area of Xirokastelo on the Vassilikos peninsula, 8 km from...
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Villa Contessa Studios - Vassilikos
Villa Contessa Studios - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
Villa Contessa is located on the South East coast of Zakynthos in a picturesque area known as Xirokastelo,...
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Porto Roma Studios - Vassilikos
Porto Roma Studios - Vassilikos Zacinto
Porto Roma Studios, are located in the pretty area of Porto Roma on the picturesque peninsula of Vassilikos. The...
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Pansion Limni & Porto tsi Ostrias - Keri Lake
Pansion Limni & Porto tsi Ostrias - Keri Lake Zacinto Grecia
The "Pension Limni” (30 m. from the sea) and the pension “Porto tsi Ostrias” (130 m. from the...
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Alba Studios - Laganas
Alba Studios - Laganas Zacinto
The Alba studios are situated in a quiet part of the lively touristic resort of Laganas on the...
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Anna Koralli Studios - Laganas
Anna Koralli Studios - Laganas Zacinto Grecia
On the south coast of the island, in Laganas, you will find the Anna Koralli Studios where Anna-Maria,...
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Red Rose Garden - Tsilivi
Red Rose Garden - Tsilivi Zacinto
Welcome to the Red Rose Garden complex located in Tsilivi! At a small distance back from the main road,...
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Acquero Studios - Vassilikos
Acquero Studios - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
Acquero Studios are located in Vasilikos, just 60m from the sandy beach.This complex consists of 12 fully furnished...
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Artemis - Vassilikos
Artemis - Vassilikos Zacinto
Nestled in the beautiful resort of Vassilikos is Pansion Artemis, a comfortable accommodation providing the ideal base for...
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Villa Pouliezos Apartments - Alykes
Villa Pouliezos Apartments - Alykes Zacinto Grecia
Villa Pouliezos Apartments are set in a peaceful area next to the most beautiful and clean beaches of...
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Alykes Dolphin Studios - Alykes
Alykes Dolphin Studios - Alykes Zacinto
The Alykes Dolphin complex includes 4 ground floor studios that can accommodate 2 or 3 people and a...
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Roula Studios - Alykes
Roula Studios - Alykes Zacinto Grecia
Located behind the famous salt flats of Alykes, where the resort takes its name from, in a quiet...
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Tassos & Marios Apartments - Laganas
Tassos & Marios Apartments - Laganas Zacinto
Tassos and Marios studios & apartments in Laganas is a building that consists of studios and apartments, surrounded...
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Voula Studios - Tsilivi
Voula Studios - Tsilivi Zacinto Grecia
Introducing the Voula studios, a family owned accommodation situated in a quiet area very close to Tsilivi resort...
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Villa Anna Apartments - Vassilikos
Villa Anna Apartments - Vassilikos Zacinto
Villa Anna is a wonderful vacation home, located in the village of Vassilikos, near restaurants, shops, and a...
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Korali Studios and Apartments - Laganas
Korali Studios and Apartments - Laganas Zacinto Grecia
The Korali Studios and Apartments complex is located right on the beautiful beach of Laganas. Families with children,...
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Psarou Studios - Psarou
Psarou Studios - Psarou Zacinto
Psarou Studios is a family-owned building complex featuring basically equipped studios, a traditional tavern, a spacious apartment and...
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Zoi Apartments - Tsilivi
Zoi Apartments - Tsilivi Zacinto Grecia
Just 50 meters from the sandy beach of Tsilivi, you will find the Zoi Apartments. Studios suitable for...
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Kanela Studios - Alykes
Kanela Studios - Alykes Zacinto
Kanela Studios (formerly known as "Zante Studios") is a two-floor accommodation that consists of nine studios and one...
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Playa Del Zante - Psarou
Playa Del Zante - Psarou Zacinto Grecia
Playa del Zante is a complex located in the quiet village of Gerakari close to the tourist resort...
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Patrinos Studios - Alykanas
Patrinos Studios - Alykanas Zacinto
The Patrinos studios consists of basically equipped studios and apartments that can accommodate up to 5 people. The...
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Eleni Studios - Tsilivi
Eleni Studios - Tsilivi Zacinto Grecia
The Eleni Studios are located very close to the center of Tsilivi and just 400 meters from the...
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Adriana's Apartments - Tsilivi
Adriana's Apartments - Tsilivi Zacinto
Adriana’s Apartment, a two bedrooms apartment is located in Tsilivi, very close to the resort’s center and the...
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Kondarini's Sea View Studios - Tsilivi
Kondarini's Sea View Studios - Tsilivi Zacinto Grecia
At Kondarini's Sea View Studios, in Tsilivi we are expecting you in order to provide you with...
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Garden Studios - Alykes
Garden Studios - Alykes Zacinto
The Garden beach studios is a family run accommodation featuring comfortable, self catering studios. It is ideally located...
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Villa Dionysia - Alykanas
Villa Dionysia - Alykanas Zacinto Grecia
Villa Dionysia Apartments is an apartment complex of 10 residencies, which is located very near the sandy beach...
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Kamara Apartments - Alykanas
Kamara Apartments - Alykanas Zacinto
Kamara Apartments is a cozy apartment complex, which is a unique option for families that wish to relax...
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Oasis Apartments & Studios - Alykanas
Oasis Apartments & Studios - Alykanas Zacinto Grecia
Oasis Apartments & Studios is a building complex featuring basically equipped, low-priced studios and apartment, as well as...
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Lofos Studios - Alykes
Lofos Studios - Alykes Zacinto
Lofos Studios is a holiday complex, located in a relaxing location and consisting of 10 studios and apartments,...
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Acacia House Apartments - Ampelokipi
Acacia House Apartments - Ampelokipi Zacinto Grecia
Acacia House Apartments is a lovely holiday home, located in Ambelokipi, near the worldrenowned Laganas tourist resort. It...
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Olga Studios - Tsilivi
Olga Studios - Tsilivi Zacinto
Olga Studios is a comfortable apartment, suitable for families and groups of friends, with an accommodation capability of...
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Notos Studios - Laganas
Notos Studios - Laganas Zacinto Grecia
Located in the world-famous resort of Laganas, Zakynthos, Notos Studios are 10 wonderful, cozy holiday rooms which can...
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Spira Studios and Apartments - Laganas
Spira Studios and Apartments - Laganas Zacinto
Spira studios and apartments consist of four studios and two apartments, located on the main road just 100m...
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Denise Apartments - Laganas
Denise Apartments - Laganas Zacinto Grecia
The Denise Apartments are located in a quiet, relaxing area of Laganas, just off the main road which...
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Villa Phoenix - Keri Lake
Villa Phoenix - Keri Lake Zacinto
Villa Phoenix is found on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, which is the third largest of the Ionian...
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Villa Christina - Keri Lake
Villa Christina - Keri Lake Zacinto Grecia
Shaded by olive trees, surrounded by lush gardens, and located just 450 m away from the nearest beach...
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Angeliki Studios - Alykes
Angeliki Studios - Alykes Zacinto
Angeliki Studios are set in beautiful grounds, located 20m from the beach, in a quiet and relaxing area...
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Achillion Studios - Amoudi
Achillion Studios - Amoudi Zacinto Grecia
The Achillion Studios are situated in an area known as Amoudi, just 1km from the resort of Alykanas....
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Thalassa Studios - Psarou
Thalassa Studios - Psarou Zacinto
The Foteinopoulos family welcomes you to Zakynthos and their studios and apartments which are located in Gerakari and...
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Dante's Maisonnettes - Psarou
Dante's Maisonnettes - Psarou Zacinto Grecia
Dante's Maisonettes are luxurious Zakynthian accommodations, constructed using traditional methods from carved stone and wood, located in the...
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Ruassi Studios - Amoudi
Ruassi Studios - Amoudi Zacinto
Ruassi Studios is a lovely apartment complex consisting of 8 studios, four of which are located on the...
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Tassos & Marios Apartments - Alykanas
Tassos & Marios Apartments - Alykanas Zacinto Grecia
Tassos and Marios studios & apartments in Alikanas is a building that consists of studios and apartments, located...
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Ionio Holidays - Vassilikos
Ionio Holidays - Vassilikos Zacinto
The group of holiday accommodations Ionio Holidays in the Zakynthian village, Vassilikos. Consisting of seven chosen accommodations, situated...
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Plaka Beach Resort - Vassilikos
Plaka Beach Resort - Vassilikos Zacinto Grecia
Welcome to Plaka Beach Resort! Plaka Beach Resort is located in Vasilikos, one of the most beautiful areas...
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Agia Kiriaki Beach Bungalows - Alykanas
Agia Kiriaki Beach Bungalows - Alykanas Zacinto
Welcome to the Agia Kiriaki studios located in a quiet, picturesque area of Alykanas beach overlooking the sea...
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Villa Milano - Laganas
Villa Milano - Laganas Zacinto Grecia
Villa Milano is located in a prime sought after location, right on the beach of Laganas. The small...
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Gardens Studios - Zante Town
Gardens Studios - Zante Town Zacinto
Welcome to the Gardens Studios located next to Zakynthos Town, in an area called Kipoi. This pleasant accommodation...
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Pahnis Studios - Alykanas
Pahnis Studios - Alykanas Zacinto Grecia
The Pahnis studios are located on the outskirts of Alykanas, a mere 300m from the resort center and...
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Saint Loukas studios - Zante Town
Saint Loukas studios - Zante Town Zacinto
Saint Loukas studios is a family run accommodation, situated in the heart of Zakynthos town. It consists of...
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Alykes Park - Alykes
Alykes Park - Alykes Zacinto Grecia
Alykes Park bungalows and apartments are set in a spacious private plot of land surrounded by lush greenery...
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Windmills - Volimes
Windmills - Volimes Zacinto
The Potamitis brothers have turned two old windmills into a traditional, comfortable accommodation offering visiters the chance to...
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Koukounaria Hotel & Suites - Alykes
Koukounaria Hotel & Suites - Alykes Zacinto Grecia
The Koukounaria Hotel is located in the village of Alykes among trees and flowers. It is a mere...
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Villa Pounente - Agios Sostis
Villa Pounente - Agios Sostis Zacinto
The Villa Pounente consists of three separate apartments that can accommodate 2-4 people each. It is located in...
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Athina Apts - Kalamaki
Athina Apts - Kalamaki Zacinto Grecia
Athina apartments are situated in the popular resort of Kalamaki on the south east coast of Zakynthos Island. A...
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Plubis Studios Apartments - Kalamaki
Plubis Studios Apartments - Kalamaki Zacinto
The Plubis studios are located in a quiet area, just 100m from the main strip towards the beach...
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Villa Georgia - Argassi
Villa Georgia - Argassi Zacinto Grecia
Located in a quiet and relaxing area of Argassi is where you will find the family run Villa...
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Libro Doro Houses - Lithakia
Libro Doro Houses - Lithakia Zacinto
Libro d’Oro Houses consists of two homes on the same plot of land, which can be rented separately...
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Arvanitakis Studios Aparments - Amboula
Arvanitakis Studios Aparments - Amboula Zacinto Grecia
Arvanitakis studios are located in the picturesque area of Amboula beach on the east coast of Zakynthos and...
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Tria Pigadia Village - Porto Koukla
Tria Pigadia Village - Porto Koukla Zacinto
Tria Pigadia Village is located in the south part of Zakynthos island, also known as Zante, in the...
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Arkadia Hotel - Tsilivi
Arkadia Hotel - Tsilivi Zacinto Grecia
Arkadia Hotel Apartments are located near the beach at Kipseli village in one of the most beautiful...
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Aeolos Villas - Vassilikos
Aeolos Villas - Vassilikos Zacinto
Located in the picturesque area of Vassilikos is where you will find the superb Aeolos Villas (formerly...
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Lithies Studios Apartments - Volimes
Lithies Studios Apartments - Volimes Zacinto Grecia
In the northernmost part of the beautiful Zakynthos Island, one will find Lithies Boutique Hotel, an impressive holiday...
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Marabou Studios - Laganas Zakynthos


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